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De Andrzej Ziober para todos los participantes en el XXXIII concurso nacional

Dear Friends of Mexico!
I want to thank you very much for everything that happened to me during my stay in your country.
I regret very much that the language barrier did not allow me to express what I wanted to tell you when I was with you. Since modeling is my life's great passion, the opportunity to see "with my own eyes" what you showed during your competition was a great pleasure for me!.
In my life I've seen so many beautiful models on the six continents of the world that I think I have a good idea of what your models represent in terms of world modeling achievements.
You can be very proud of your works! Your models need excellent modeling skills and many of them present the highest level in the world.
I write it very honestly! Believe me that this is my honest evaluation of the comparison with other models I have seen in the world. It's not courtesy of writing something nice to you! You really make beautiful models and you can be proud of them!
Thank you so much that I could be among you for these few days. I do not know if I have earned such valuable prizes I received from you, but I want to tell you that they are of great value to me because I got them in competition with great models! I also thank you for all the words of liking that I received.
In a special way I would like to thank Jose Antonio, Jorge "El Doc" and Fernando for showing me "Mexico in a nutshell" through the monuments of your capital city and its surroundings, as well as the extraordinary culinary experience of Mexican cuisine. Mexico will always be associated with wonderful, joyful and very affectionate people for me. I will always think about you in this way and I will always tell this to all the people here about my impressions of staying in Mexico.
I wish you all good luck!

Andrzej Ziober

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